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5 Steps to Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Updated: May 20, 2020

There is so much to consider when choosing your photographer. With the help with my two amazing friends Carling & Marissa we're here to guide you through the process!

1. First things first, if you have a Wedding Planner talk to him/her about hiring a photographer. A lot of us have Recommendation Lists of photographers we know, love and trust!

2. Identify your style, what sparks joy? There are so many different types of editing styles. Here are some:

- Light and Airy

- Dark and Moody

- Warm and Moody

- Warm and Soft

3. What do you want your photos to look like:

- Fine Art

- Traditional

- Editorial

- Adventurous

- Romantic

4. Research the photographer that's caught your eyes. Look at multiple wedding albums, read their reviews on facebook, google and wedding wire. You'll get a feel for the experience of others and most importantly how they treat their couples.

5. Reach out, ask questions and see if your personalities mesh! There is so much importance in liking and bonding with there person that will be photographing the biggest day of your life.

This is Carling's work:

Here's Marissa's work:

A big thank you to my girls Carling & Marissa for allowing me to share their photos and really be a great example of Community over Competition! Make sure you check out their beautiful work out:


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